Crafting monumental music

Automated Acoustics music is a slow burn. Starting as a tiny spark in the ear, and building to an inferno ready to consume you. Beauty among beasts.

I am familiar writing custom briefs for various music companies including Pusher Music (L.A.), Score-A-Score (L.A.), Lift Music (UK), Coca Cola (Sprite), Rinse The Sync (UK) & others.

For a heavier more energetic & aggressive sound check out my work as 50% of the Industrial Battle Orchestra.

I am also 50% of the




(The soundtrack to your impending doom or glorious victory.)

Both projects available for hire to galvanize and brand your next product.

Below are my previous releases from 2004 – 2010 on Alternative Blueprint Records

Read some press reviews here.

Get in touch to easily license existing tracks or commission fresh works.