Crafting monumental music

Automated Acoustics music is a slow burn. Often starting as a tiny spark in the ear, and building to an inferno ready to consume you. Previous releases have been adventurous and experimental, delving into twisted swamp blues, glacial electronica, spaced-out piano, and grinding industrial jazz.

It sounds a bit like Tom Waits meets Aphex Twin, remixed by Hans Zimmer.

Previous releases 2004-2011 received critical acclaim, but remained in the undergound.

Automated Acoustics has constantly been creating music behind the scenes for music agencies, landing placements for music & sounn design in the trailers for Alien:Covenant & Antlers. Also working as a mastering engineer for Fat As Funk, AA has been responsible for nailing the final sound on many hit records.

But no music releases have been forthcoming, until some mental blocks were crushed. Now there’s loads of new experimental music coming your way.

The first proper release for 9 years is coming in January 2021 on Alternative Blueprint Records, complete with remixes to strip down the multi-genre originals into more immediate stuff.

The new material varies from Alt-rock, electronica, trailer music, orchestral and various blends between. Made with live instruments, found sounds, synths and vocals, it’s an exotic brew.

Automated Acoustics Built From Memories cover art ALTBLUE014
Built From Memories – Automated Acoustics – Jan 2021

Videos from “Built From Memories” – ALTBLUE014 – Jan 29 2021

Below are my previous releases from 2004 – 2010 on Alternative Blueprint Records Click for Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Tidal Links. Or Scroll down for Bandcamp.

Read some press reviews here.

Love To The Dedicated Listener – “The most inventive music you’ll hear this year” (Barcode Mag 2007) -A trip through glacial indie-electronica to grinding, industrial jazz. A slow-burn exotic brew.

More Sunshine – Epic dark piano soundscapes, ethereal vocals and acid-electronica breakbeats to move you.

Ejector Seat Blues E.P – Experimental swamp blues electronica blend. Emotive cello, gruff vocals and moody beauty.

Lost & Found – Experimental electro jazz infused with antique piano and avant garde aesthetics.

Alternative Blueprint – Volume 1 – Label compilation. The elastic-cello downtempo funk “Ex Powder” is from Automated Acoustics.

I am also 50% of the




(The soundtrack to your impending doom or glorious victory.)

For a heavier more energetic & aggressive sound check out my work as 50% of the Industrial Battle Orchestra. Both projects available for hire to galvanize and brand your next product.

Get in touch to easily license existing tracks or commission fresh works.