Press Quotes

“Something completely new & organically fresh – Automated Acoustics – a one man band whose love & relentless dream state productions will make you gush in their shimmering splendour.”                                                             Clash Magazine – Feature (print)

“Gill himself plays all the instruments & performs all vocals in this accomplished piece of music… This is Gill’s sound…                                           An enormously impressive debut”                                                                   Bearded Magazine review (print)

“His debut showcases a weird but often wonderful vision” – DJ Magazine review (print)“

Gill (Automated Acoustics) is clearly addicted to making musicwith a fervour that very few artists could hope to match”               Clash magazine – Feature (print)

“Stands up to line by line attention at musical level…It’s music to listen to, to dedicate some time to…It’s complex, irrational, moody & funky. I like it.” Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ Magazine review (web)

“A REAL discovery to my ears.” – Intuitive Music Magazine feature (web)“This is amazing, really organic sounding & straight from the heart – you can tell.”                                                                                                                         Audio Lunchbox review (web)

“An engaging and strangely rural sound…the overall feeling is of a complete sounding work. Well worth checking out.”                                      Smallfish review (web)

      “One to watch… man or machine?”                                                                             M8 Magazine feature (print)

“Utterly different, fresh & funky. Imagine if Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, Beethoven, Cylob & Dr. John were in a band together….Amazing.”     Norman Records staff review (web)

“Makes Amon Tobin look like Stock, Aitken, and Waterman.”                     Rough Trade staff review (web)

“The wonky strings, brushed drum kits and warbling electronic bass is all the more impressive.”                                                                                                       Boomkat staff review (web)

“Its unique style is sustained in a very particular voice that tiles magnificent songs on acoustic instrumentations with a touch of discreet and distorted electronic and magnificent melodies.”                                                                Suburbanlab review (Spain) (web)