Radio & Club quotes

(As my other Acid-Breakbeat alias OptikaTech)

All Young Kings – Plugging Report   16/03/09




3 tracks played on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1.

30 minute mix on Electronic Explorations

Optikatechniqua – Six Month Flower [Alternative Blueprint] Played by Simon Harrison on the ‘Basic Soul’ radio show, broadcast on and syndicated around the world. (2/3/09)


Ooh .. this is fun, nice to have a head nod on the old ipod .. if i had one that is.

(Si Begg – Bang Face/Noodles/Various – UK)

Amazing production and wicked sounds.

(Plump Dj’s – Eargasm/Fabric/Various – Worldwide)

Yeah feelin this intense beat flavoured madness… Playing it, Loud!!!!

(Dj Ease “Nightmares On Wax” – Various – Worldwide)

Psycadelic space funk, I like it!

(Toshio Matsuura – UFO/RBMA/Various – Japan)

Yeah I like this, nice hard drums, plenty of acid and a bit dark.

(Toob ‘Red Snapper – Koko/Cargo/Various – Worldwide)

Yeah I like it!

(Nico De Ceglia – Various clubs/Codex/radio 1 – Worldwide)

Like it, and ‘Six month flower” from the album is fantastic.

(Simon Harrsion – Basic Soul Radio/Various – UK)

Bass at its dirtiest. Nice.

(Russ ‘Cuban Brothers’ – Bestival/Big Chill/Various – Worldwide)

Like this, gonna be difficult to squeeze into the DJ set, but feelin it still!

(Ross Wakefield ’Part Time Heroes’ – Cargo/Koko/Hideout Sessions – UK)

Great, I used to work with Lawrence, full support.

(Rob ‘Electronic Explorations’ – Various – UK)

Yeah, I like it… nice grooves.

(Rob ‘Stereo M.c’s’ Birch – Old Queens Head/Fabric/Various – UK)

Well produced and alternative.

(Profisee – Lucky Me/The Ivy/Various – Scotland)

Completely hard to define, but suitably nuts. Perhaps a little noisy and messy for all dancefloors, but interesting listening to those with ears tuned to the alternative. Promising and interesting.

(Domu –Sonar Circle/CoOp/Deviations/Various – UK)

Some crazy shit right here. 8/10.

(Mike Stukes – Mystic Vibes Radio – NYC)

Fuck me! I feel like ive been sucked down a worm hole the wrong way round.This tune will leave you feeling melted like a cheese fondueux

(Loui Slipperz – Task Force/Kung Fun/Various – UK)

Finely tuned textures.

(Dj A La Fu: VaVa/Big Dada Records/Sub Club/SHMU FM – Glasgow/Worldwide)

I really like it.

(Jonny Ackroyd – Various – Leeds/Sheffield)

Big, classic hip-hop breaks smothered with heavy heavy bass.

(Shuffle – Mother Bar/93 Feet East/Various – UK)

That’s some twisted, nasty future shit – I like it and will terrorise my listeners with it..

(Global SoulJah – BBE Radio/Scanner 96.6FM/Various – Barcelona)

Crazy but I did it, freaky shit!

(Kid Kanevil – First Word/Doctors Orders/Various – UK)

Really like this Optikatechniqua stuff.

(Duncan Smith – Sony Playstaton Audio Sync/Various – UK)

Pretty nice, if a little crazy first thing in the morning.

(Disorda ‘Suspect Packages’ – Various – UK)

Very fuckd up. But I like it!

(Dave Spencly – Sir Vinyl/Various – South Coast)

Very clever stuff, took a couple of listens to get into but I really like it.

(Danny Delta – Substance/Headshell/Various – UK)

Wicked, will be playing this tonight.

(Brendan Webb – Southpaw/Various – Australia)

Not bad, a little bit too bonkers for us but reminds us an a dirtier and harder Depthcharge.

(One Deck Pete and Popular – Steroid Abuse/Vibe Bar/Various – UK)

Wicked! Feeling the nasty drums and old school 303 action. Will play whenever possible†(prob more for radio), heavy.

(Ben Morris – Kudos Distribution/Various – UK)

Bit mad I like the breakbeat bit real Warp Records sound

(DJ Stoaty – The Tuesday Club/Various – Sheffield)