Built From Memories – New EP – Jan 2021

Automated Acoustics is an experimental music artist who sounds like: Tom Waits meets Aphex Twin, remixed by Hans Zimmer.

He has been hiding in the shadows for the last 9 years, producing epic music for agencies including Pusher & Rinse The Sync (and landing sync placements in the Hollywood trailers for Alien: Covenant, Logan and Antlers, as well as scoring a Sprite advert). But no music has been released to the public since 2011.

The new sound is honed, trimmed and polished. Galvanised and focused. Epic trailer music with a unique aesthetic.

Previous release “Love To The Dedicated Listener” received press quotes including:

“Something completely new & organically fresh – Automated Acoustics – a one man band whose love & relentless dream state productions will make you gush in their shimmering splendour.”  – Clash Magazine – Feature (print)

“Gill himself plays all the instruments & performs all vocals in this accomplished piece of music… This is Gill’s sound…   An enormously impressive debut”  –  Bearded Magazine review (print)

“His debut showcases a weird but often wonderful vision” – DJ Magazine review (print)“

Gill (Automated Acoustics) is clearly addicted to making musicwith a fervour that very few artists could hope to match”               Clash magazine – Feature (print)

“Stands up to line by line attention at musical level…It’s music to listen to, to dedicate some time to…It’s complex, irrational, moody & funky. I like it.” Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ Magazine review (web)

Pre-save the first single “Swept Away” – a crazy homage to 70’s spy music

Stream a preview of Built From Memories:

“Built From Memories” is an ambitious electronic and experimental music hybrid. Huge found-sounds from illegal Scrapyard Recording sessions collide with a live micro-orchestra of cello, violin and double-bass. Blended with savage analog synths and emotional vocals. Epic battle music for a scene in your head.

The title “Built From Memories” reflects that every track Automated Acoustics has ever made is somehow blended with a snapshot of life recorded from around the world – a memory. The process is its own reward. His avant garde music is an outlet to soothe his soul, and bring light to the dark.

A few original found-sounds you’ll find buried deep within Built From Memories:

  • His teeth being drilled at the dentist
  • Big drums recorded in a church
  • Many manipulations of metal from Scrapyard Recordings
  • Bespoke moving water instrument
  • Empty oil tank mic’d up and recorded from within to create a pad
  • The London Underground train – tonnes of metal grinding together

Check out the pre-release videos:

“Swept Away” is my homage to 70’s Spy music, with a mental modern edge. An intense cinematic music epic in under 3 minutes. If you’re curious what instrumentation was used you can see here.

“Barebow Rebellion” has a meditative intro using layered ceremonial gongs, then drops to a fat gnarly bass drop at 1:00. Builds into an emotional wild piece with cello, violin and vocals from an older opera singer. Epic battle music with a regal vibe.

“Ghosting Again” is an exploration in space and distortion. It uses the Scrapyard sounds again, along with distorted piano through a guitar amp, dirty cello, and layered gongs melded with vocals to create an ambient wash. Epic dark music / fantasy music.

“Battle Of The Gods (Exotic Mix)” is epic battle music for a surreal desert world in my head. This trippy music uses an Egyptian Snake Flute, Suling, the church drums, cello drone, and wild vocals. I asked the singer get down on her knees and imagine she was about to be executed, and to sing to save her life – she got really into it.

A stripped-back, leaner remix. Minus the Vocals, Snake Flute and Suling for a less bizarre world.

AA also works as a mastering engineer for Fat As Funk

Stream the first 2 tracks on Soundcloud:

Now after 9 years, the mental blocks have been crushed and Automated Acoustics is reborn as an artist again. His sound has evolved, keeping the epic builds, the guerilla recording and found-sound art music approach, but it’s a tighter, more focused result than his previous experiments in dark blues music and industrial electronic jazz madness.

ALTBLUE014 – Built From Memories – Alternative Blueprint Records 2021

In Studio A of Capitol Records, Los Angeles.
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Alien: Covenant – sound design & music

I’m thrilled to announce I landed some music/sound design in this trailer for Alien: Covenant.  I’ve always loved the movies, & remember secretly recording Aliens on VHS aged 8, then scaring the shit out of myself & my buddies. It’s an honour to be even a small part of this series. Thanks to Pusher for the hook-up!

Scrap Yard – industrial recording

I really enjoyed visiting a scrapyard to record some big industrial smash sounds. Heavy drums? How about 1.5 Tonnes smashing down on cars & industrial bins? Quite weighty.

Hear the results on my Soundcloud Page on the tracks:

“Where’s The Humanity (Dark Magic Mix)” & “The Heart Of The Volcano”

Thanks to Will & Smash for letting it happen 🙂

Hello Pixiano



A newly acquired Pixiano. It looks pretty old, & needs some love to restore it. Real hammer keys hit on metal tangs. It sounds discordant & delicious.

I’m going to try a few different things with it, opening it up to access the twanging tangs with different mallets, an Ebow & my home made electromagnetic resonator.


Alternative Blueprint Records – music for specialists

Automated Acoustics music in a Sprite Advert

I’m very pleased to announce I recently made some custom music for this Sprite advert.

This was a cut-to-picture edit of my tune “Step It Down” for Sprite, the full version of which will be released next year.

The full mix has a lovely warm wobbly analogue bassline from the classic synth Roland JX-3p.

One Sweet Day Remixes

One Sweet Day_Screenshot SQUARE

I’ve got a new mini-release out, the first for a while. I’d love it if you had a listen.

Featuring an incredible female vocalist & wonky electronica. There are a bunch of different remixes of the track One Sweet Day:


You can also hear it on the new BBC Drama series “The Driver” – a gritty crime thriller written by Danny Brocklehurst, & airing tonight (23/09/2014) on BBC 1.

See the video for the Original Mix here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XXzBDjJoQ0&list=UUc4Ehly7DhNCYvRjifLOfEw