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Alien: Covenant – sound design & music

I’m thrilled to announce I landed some music/sound design in this trailer for Alien: Covenant.  I’ve always loved the movies, & remember secretly recording Aliens on VHS aged 8, then scaring the shit out of myself & my buddies. It’s an honour to be even a small part of this series. Thanks to Pusher Music in L.A. for making it happen!


Scrap Yard – industrial recording

I really enjoyed visiting a scrapyard to record some big industrial smash sounds. Heavy drums? How about 1.5 Tonnes smashing down on cars & industrial bins? Quite weighty.

Hear the results on my Soundcloud Page on the tracks:

“Where’s The Humanity (Dark Magic Mix)” & “The Heart Of The Volcano”

Thanks to Will & Smash for letting it happen 🙂

Automated Acoustics music in a Sprite Advert

I’m very pleased to announce I recently made some custom music for this Sprite advert.

This was a cut-to-picture edit of my tune “Step It Down” for Sprite, the full version of which will be released next year.

The full mix has a lovely warm wobbly analogue bassline from the classic synth Roland JX-3p.

Electronic Music Pioneer Raymond Scott’s birth-week – Cyclic Bits remix album

It’s the birth-week of legendary innovator in electronic music, the pioneer Raymond Scott, His birth-week 106 years ago anyway…

So it seems a good time to mention the first Raymond Scott remix album was commissioned by Ergo Phizmiz back in 2009 for Chinstrap music  Cyclic Bits:The Raymond Scott Variations

It’s 16 of Raymond’s best Bits remixed by 16 experimental artists. Listen to the Automated Acoustics remix of “Lullaby”.

From the album’s website:

Cyclic Bits” is the first remix album of the music of remarkable composer and inventor Raymond Scott.

This album is a series of reinventions of the work of a true musical maverick, remixed by a host of today’s most inventive musical mavericks. The diversity of the release reflects the profound influence Scott’s work has had on composers working across the board of styles and approaches.

Originally created as a special for Ergo Phizmiz’s Phuj Phactory on WFMU, a projected release never happened.

This, at last, is it.

Although this work is FMA licensed, please contact the individual artists regarding any usage permissions.

More Chinstrap releases at http://chinstrapmusic.blogspot.com

More Raymond Scott at http://www.raymondscott.com

Tracky Birthday http://www.trackybirthday.com

Bebe del Banco / Satanicpornocultshop http://www.nunulaxnulan.biz

4,000,000 Telephones http://www.4000000telephones.com

Orionza http://www.orionza.net

Listen With Sarah http://www.listenwithsarah.org

David Fenech http://demosaurus.free.fr

Fireworks Ensemble http://www.fireworksensemble.org

Ego Plum http://www.ebolamusic.com

Vernon Lenoir http://www.vernonlenoir.com

DJPE http://www.djpe.com

Automated Acoustics http://www.myspace.com/automatedacoustics

Felix Kubin http://www.felixkubin.com

Curator: Ergo Phizmiz http://www.ergophizmiz.net

Big, big thanks to all the contributing artists.”

Go & grab it, & please share the link. It’s a free download album in colaboration with the Raymond Scott Foundation. Raymond is, & always will be the man!